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In 1996, he joined the keyboard manufacturer Adesso.In 1997, he became Vice President of Marketing at i XMicro, a video hardware company. Knight then started dating the young model and actress, Adrianne Curry. Knight proposed to Adrianne Curry on the season finale of My Fair Brady which aired on November 6, 2005 during a VH1 broadcast.Streaming all day leaves your home feeling like the Truman Show. Recently, I had a falling out with someone I wrongly thought felt the same way about me as I felt about them. I am VERY selective with those I let into my inner circle and incredibly loyal to them. I started reading up on Tampons and was a little shocked and saddened at my lack of awareness of what … People should be able to choose what they want to do to their own bodies…but I choose to advocate … When I used to smoke, I put those around me at risk, knowingly. Free thought, free will, and general freedom seems like a lost art. I was in the hotel entrance chatting with friends before going to bed after a magical disney/star wars will day. On our mini honeymoon, my husband told me he would like to help me create some content based on my decorating and whatnot in the home. As Christmas is only in a few months, having the big tree already up would help me … I used to snag one out of her pack and just play with it, sniffing it. If someone says something and it gets back to you, it hurts your feelings. I noticed that in those relationships, I was given a lot of freedom. Furry vests for autumn, snow boots for the cold winter months.To find what was essentially a “fly by night” buddy in my deepest inner circle was jarring. I was raised that you give your own shirt off your back to anyone who asks. However, if you are swimming in shark infested waters, it is an open invitation for mental extermination. Walk me through a convention…and the first sales person to ask me to hand them something I don’t want to (last time, my brand new glasses! This new movement of make believing people shouldn’t judge each other is absurd. I see a scrubby looking man acting erratically in an ally? I see a woman talk shit about someone she claims is her … I’d play make believe that my cigarette smoke was magical, and wouldn’t find it’s way in the house I was smoking next to, the vents, etc. You must think EXACTLY as the mob says or off with your head! I used to sit in toxic relationships and put my all into them in an attempt to “make it work”. I would slap on a smiling persona and gush about a man who I knew to be a piece of shit because I did not want to publicly admit my defeat. For the last few weeks, my shark professional vacuum has NOT been my friend. I ordered replacement filters in the hopes that I could breathe new life into it, to no avail. After watching them call names in the Senate, to which Matthew and I added names to the role call…. Seeing how we are SO rural now, this delighted me to no end. The decision to not invite anyone to our wedding was due to a few reasons. I have had this happen with friends, people I just met, etc. Freedom to pose for Playboy’s celebrity cover/spread…twice, Maxim, etc. Cargo shorts instead of LA short shorts and lots of hiking shoes and socks. I am a picker, so I struggle with trying not to pop them. I had been using Anew Ultimate Skin Care for a while, not really trying anything else because I loved it. Until I deleted Facebook & Twitter from my phone, I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on them.They met and started dating in October while filming .

In 1989, he was named Vice President of Design System Marketing and Sales at New Image Industry.

He, his family, and friends appeared on the season finale of NBC's Celebrity Family Feud on July 29, 2008.

During the 2008–09 television season, Knight hosted the syndicated game show, Trivial Pursuit: America Plays.

Knight's manager, Phil Viardo, told a celebrity gossip website on May 29, 2011, that Knight and his wife, Curry, were announcing their separation.

The date was the couple's fifth wedding anniversary.

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