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Robbins receives word that she has been given a grant to go to Malawi, and become a doctor there.

In the end, Torres is shown to have accepted this as well and has decided to leave with Robbins.

Robbins has been characterized as "quirky" and "perky", and is well known for wearing wheely sneakers and a Holly Hobbie pink scrub cap, intended to appeal to her young patients.

She was established as a love-interest for orthopedic resident Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) after the Torres' storyline with Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) was cut short due to what series creator Shonda Rhimes called "a lack of chemistry".

In the aftermath of the plane accident, in which Sloan and Lexie Grey were killed, the hospital is sued and eventually found guilty of negligence.

Each victim including Shepherd, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), and Robbins herself must receive million of compensation, which leads the hospital to a near bankruptcy as the insurance companies refuse to pay.

The two embark on a relationship, but when Torres' father, Carlos (Héctor Elizondo), learns of the relationship, he threatens to cut her off financially unless she returns home with him.

When Torres' father returns to Seattle and continues to reject his daughter's sexuality, Robbins is able to convince him to reconsider. Torres that her father was able to accept her own sexuality, as she promised him she was still the "good man in a storm" he raised her to be, and that Torres is still the same person he raised.

After proposing, the two get in a car crash leaving Torres in critical condition.Shonda Rhimes alluded to the impact Capshaw's character had representing the LGBTQ community.She praised both actresses for "bringing these characters to life with such vibrant performance and for inspiring women around the globe".Matt Mitovich of TV Guide described her as a "fan favorite", and Chris Monfette for IGN praised the addition of "fresh, new characters", such as Robbins over the course of the season.Along with Sarah Drew, Capshaw was fired in March 2018 for "creative" reasons regarding cast changes 10 seasons into playing the character.

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He also designed Tucson Country Club and Wickenburg Country Club.

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