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By the late 18th century the lands around were incorporated into the Polish Crown, but soon Poland was partitioned by neighbouring nations and Siewierz became a part of Prussia.After the Napoleon’s failed attempt on Moscow it was attacked by Russian troops and later became a part of the Polish Kingdom ruled by Russians.

In the period between the 15 and the 18th centuries, it belonged to the princes of Siewierz – Krakow’s bishops.

Siewierz is one of the oldest towns in Poland but its earliest history is not well known.

It was first mentioned in documents from the early 12 century and then received its town charter in 1276.

The Irish same thing, the Italians usually same thing.

If you grew up in Manhattan (Woody grew up in Brooklyn), you generally (if you were white, that is) spoke with a less "harsh" or pronounced accent than someone from Brooklyn (by far more harsh and stereotyped "extreme" New Yorker in accent, i.e. now fading fast as a way of speaking even in Brooklyn) or, certainly, The Bronx.

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