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Francis, Aberdeen Date(s) of alleged abuse: 1987-90 – Aberdeen Date(s) abuse was reported: 2014 Gerald Swift, Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity Born: 1916 Ordained: 1946 Current Status: Deceased 2007 Assignments: Immaculate Conception, Camden; Annunciation, Kiln; Sacred Heart, Louisville Date(s) of alleged abuse: 1978 – Kosciusko Date(s) abuse was reported: 2002 Vance Thorne, Society of the Divine Word Born: 1921 Ordained: 1954 Current Status: removed from diocesan ministry 1987; Deceased 2004 Assignments: Holy Ghost, Jackson; St.

Paul, Vicksburg Date(s) of alleged abuse: 1958 – Gulfport Date(s) abuse was reported: 2002/2012 Daniel O’Hanlon – Diocese of Springfield, Ill. Mary, Jackson Date(s) of alleged abuse: 1966-67 – Biloxi Date(s) abuse was reported: 1993/2002 Cuthbert Bender, Order of St. Teresa, Chatawa Date(s) of alleged abuse: late 1950s – Aberdeen area Date(s) abuse was reported: 2008 Tim Crowley, Congregation of the Holy Spirit Born: 1917 Ordained: 1939 Current Status: Deceased prior to accusation Assignments: St. Teresa, Chatawa Date(s) of alleged abuse: 1968 – Chatawa Date(s) abuse was reported: 2018 Thomas Dullard, Order of St.

During a visit last week for a Mississippi Press Association Board of Directors meeting, my fellow journalists invoked tradition for our night out this trip choosing Mary Mahoney’s, which I can never argue with.

Sitting on a shaded bench beneath the live oaks, or kicked back on the rooftop lounge watching a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Mexico is about as perfect a setting as you can find in Mississippi, or anywhere else for that matter.

John, Gulfport Date(s) of alleged abuse: 1969-1974 – multiple locations Date(s) abuse was reported: 2002 Paul Canonici Born: 1927 Ordained: 1957 Current Status: Retired 1998; removed from ministry – 2002 Assignments: St.

Joseph, Gluckstadt Date(s) of alleged abuse: 1983 – Madison area Date(s) abuse was reported: 1997 Nelius Downing Born: 1883 Ordained: 1914 Current Status: Deceased prior to accusation Assignments: Sacred Heart, Canton; St.

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As time went on, her side project became more and more popular to the point she and her husband acquired the home next door and ultimately expanded into a row of seven Victorian homes.

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