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Ashley certainly seemed to believe no one would ever see her confessionals: maybe they forgot to fill her in on the whole deliberate humiliation angle too. Where I was quick to Beverly as the front runner fan favorite of normal, each week reveals just how crazy she really is. Her hissy fit over the ex not showing was a classic example. Still having a hard time picturing her as someone's mom. Definitely shows that Bret isn't really looking for someone compatible. Admitted to Big John that she was still living with her ex-boyfriend -- which was really the tip of a very large ex-sized iceberg: he came with the intent of dragging her back.Blaming it all on his current girlfriend not letting him. Now he is left with: Beverly--umm, she is super looney. Taya--rivals Megan for the "obvious lack of interest in Bret" award. This woman has received next to no camera time and has shown little personality. I can't believe someone in the final four has received such minimal development. And frankly, they're such mutual charmers, they're just about a perfect match. Bret cannot publicly stand women who aren't catty and hateful. The public reason for Marcia going home: despite her being a perma-drunk whose only issue with the hour when you start drinking is that she has to sleep sometime, she has a good heart and gave away a token of Bret's non-affection to someone who would really appreciate it.

Kind of makes you wonder if they'll ever bother mentioning what happened.*sigh* As far as the show goes, I think we can put away any and all delusions about Bret really finding someone: he will find someone when VH1 stops offering him future contracts in the event of current failure. No matter how much it makes them forget, it won't return the favor for us... ) has already had two talks with him about maybe wanting to go home. He's finally admitted to extensions but it's been a long rumor that he got a bad hair plug job in the late 90's. Also, her body is not so bad, but her personality is pathetic. It is clearly important to Brett that he be allowed to hit it from behind. Speaking of real, seriously, did Brett tell the last girl to keep it real? LOL I really like her because she refuses to act like a slutty piece of trash to get him to like her. Was she ever shown as anything more than a background prop? And now, my imitation of a Farshley confessional after learning about the death of Bret's friend.'How can that stupid guy die when I'm in the middle of getting Bret? Hard to tell with the drunken hissy fits all around. Still surprised he didn't kick out one of the others. I shall miss Farah, she was entertaining in her trashy way. Bret made his decision weeks ago, and all his future decisions up to the finale where she becomes his ROL for the next five weeks will be made based on either a) how they will affect his sex life or b) will they be good TV?

At this point, people come on VH1 reality shows for the same reason they appear on The Real World: to get on the perpetual appearance cycle and work their way up their own dating show -- where no one will be interested in them either. There was a Mindy, but I couldn't tell you much about her. There are about five more that need to go before my eyes and ears won't bleed while watching. about halfway through the FIRST episode bret narrates...."this first day was something"....i thought that was only the FIRST freakin day???? heres why i give bret some the world does he manage to sound so sincere NOW 3 rocks of loves later when he looks into these crazy womens eyes and says "i understand"...i literally laugh out must be a great i'll keep watching because its still cringeworthy.mollytv And this week, Bret took a giant step backwards and went back to keeping people for drama. What a moron, dying when I'm trying to do something... I should go down there and kill his widow and kids: then there would be no one left to write those stupid letters, and Bret would pay attention to me again. Luckily for us, Bret made a good decision, and pierceyface will make good tv next week when she throws a punch at Heather! That woman is way to self-absorbed to have noticed him by herself. So if Ashley claws, punches, and ignites her way to F2, who's next to her for our good vs. Taya still has an outside shot, but her odds are dropping fast.

She kind of got lost in the flood of people serving drinks from various portions of their anatomy.'Shot-bearing hips.' Well, if that's what you're looking for someone to give birth to... As the Penthouse pet said, it's a sad state of affairs when she's the most normal one there. Still trying to figure out how the blue bus wound up being more-or-less sane. Gia "Gee what a handy way to hold a test tube shot AND keep both hands free" and Nikki "Gee standing up straight while this tanked is hard" have forever burned their image in the DAWs Hall of Fame. It looks like next week's confrontation is Heather vs. I think we have to give Heather the edge on this one.

DH and I completely agree about the lack of concern over destroyed clothes and possible/actual assault.

I wonder though if it's how the girls present the drama. Just last episode, Bret was saying that he feels really comfortable talking with her and yadda, yadda, yadda... I hope Heather gets at least one good punch in on Brittania's pierced face!

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Did you get the impression that Ashley doesn't watch a lot of reality television? This explains those interviews Bret was giving last month where he was basically telling Jennifer Aniston to give him a call as soon as that whole Jon Mayer publicity stunt fizzles out.

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