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Please take a moment to complete that, as those high scores are what allows me to be able to help future customers.stion.Your Browning Citori with serial number 18843PY143 is a 1982 Citori Trap model with a Monte Carlo stock.My friend has a HP that was bought NIB from a retail store in the early 1980s. I'm guessing that means 1980 as a manufacturing date. If you enjoyed reading about "Reading Browning Serial Number for age" here in the Family Friends archive, you'll LOVE our community. Come join Family Friends today for the full version!Come join Family Friends today for the full version! For your firearm, the following current values apply (from the Blue Book of Gun Values). Percentages are based on the amount of original finish on the gun, and its operational ability. New in box/perfect --100% condition - 0Mint condition --------98% condition - 0Excellent condition -- 95% condition - 0Very Good condition -- 90% condition- 0Very Good condition ------ 80% condition - 5Good condition ------------70% condition - 0Good condition --------------60% condition - 0Add approx. The values in this appraisal are based on recent sales of comparable and similar firearms taking into account the rarity, desirability, and overall original condition of the firearm.In the case that a comparable sale is not readily available, the value is based on a projected amount that the firearm would be expected to sell for.

The serial number of a Browning firearm is usually found on the gun's receiver, but that location depends on the model number and make of the gun.The 143 is what indicates the Monte Carlo Stock and the PY is a Browning code for the year of manufacture.Your gun is the 18,843rd Citori Trap model gun made in 1982 with a Monte Carlo stock. Jim Joe, If you have no other questions for me about your Browning, please take a moment to complete a positive rating for my work so that the website can credit me for my time and effort.Serial numbers help gun owners date their firearms, but they are not always reliable for older models.There are also several limited-edition models made by Browning that do not follow the company's traditional serial number pattern.

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