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Some credit card processing companies only give you barebones service, but they do so at rock-bottom prices. The cheapest credit card processor isn’t always the best. It’s important to determine the value of a merchant account to your particular business needs.

We followed them closely to formulate our list of the best credit card processors. For any credit card processor to make it onto our list of recommendations, there can be no hidden fees and no surprises.Larger businesses, however, can end up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars each month by not using Square. High-risk businesses should avoid Square at all costs because Square is incredibly risk-averse and will shut down your account and hold your money if you are high-risk.There are positives and negatives to using Square’s credit card processing hardware for small businesses. Check out our in-depth post on reasons why Square may or may not be the best way for your business to accept credit card payments. Since none of our top merchant services providers lock you into long-term contracts, it’s safe to try it out for a few months with no major commitment.Some of these payment processors are good for ecommerce via your website, others for mobile payments on your smartphone, others for retail with a credit card machine, for phone order with a virtual terminal, for large transactions, for i Pad POS, for high-risk businesses.(I told you, it depends.) But all of them follow some simple rules that we live by, which we’ll discuss in detail below.interchange-plus (cost-plus) pricing, you pay the ‘wholesale’ rates set by the card brands (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), plus a small markup on each transaction.

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