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I asked her if she believed in instant attraction, seemingly out of nowhere.Her eyes lit up for a moment when she put down her gin and appeared to be caught up in a minor trance.I peddled my bicycle up river on safari, in search of cougars. Her accent confused me.“Doo yoo have a cigarette for me?

The women come to the bar at Abe & Louie’s every Thursday around 7 p.m.

We talked about Halloween costumes, and I asked her if I should be a doctor or a nurse.“Definitely nurse! I smirked at her movements in that tight black dress, knowing quite well she could pounce at any moment.

Her name was Juliana and she was one hell of a woman.

I entered the lobby of the Sir Frances Drake Hotel.

That scene is always bustling with rich travelers, and the older women who tag along, bored out of their skulls, on their husbands’ business trips.

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