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These new dolls can be seen on new Ye Olde Virtual Dating Way“Keyword scenting: you can scan a person of interest’s profile and rework your keywords to fit their specific criteria — such as the same music, food, or artists — boy, what a coincidence — boosting your compatibility score with them.

Otherwise, in ten-years, a lot of chronically single people will be waking up next to fuck-bots.The room for improvement is huge, and AI will fill the void.Just what that might look like and how it would work can be imagined in technology that is readily available, waiting to be coded.“Long time ago, I applied to They refused my membership based on my score, which they said was below the bottom two-percentile cut-off. Despite the platforms’ micromanagement of your romantic pursuits, wasted hours of profile tuning and window-shopping, the process doggedly refuses to offer any inspiration or lasting joy.When I got stuck on 999, Match told me their developers never thought to allow another decimal on the blocking-counters — no one had ever hit it before I did.Pathetic that online dating — a three-billion dollar/year industry — rolls with doofy 1960’s based algorithms, while at the same time AI disrupts major industries and enables life-changing technology.

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