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Those boys grow up to desire marriage for themselves, without guilt from potential mates and without coaxing from external influences.

She was a chatty and congenial Aussie, with a distinctive no-bullshit edge. In reality, we have just as much growing and evolving to do as our male counterparts do when it comes to relationships and long-term commitment. One day my therapist forced me to make a list of the things I wanted in a husband.

In contrast, other non-American Black communities view marriage as a part of maturing and coming of age.

Marriage is celebrated and seen as one of the most important cultural traditions, not just for little girls, but for little boys as well.

If we applied the same philosophy to any of the other milestones acknowledged in our society, it would sound pretty absurd.

That's different from what TV and movies tell you your relationship should look like.

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However, no matter you are a black / white single, or just want to enjoy another kind of inerracial relationship, following two tips may help you to reduce some difficulties.

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