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At 30, it's pretty damn hard to date people with a firm no prior marriages or kids.That pretty much would eliminate over half my dating pool. My only problem was that, with a 2 year-old son, she really couldn't see me for more than a couple hours a week, and that really wasn't enough for me. I understood that her son needs to come first, and she understood that the relationship didn't really leave much room for me.The breakup with her was easily the most emotionally painful experience of my life and 6 years later, I still think about her daughter all the time.It can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also rip your heart out and fire it into the sun. Just because me and my SO are splitting up, doesn't mean my child has to lose someone that was in her life a lot.(He had decided to leave her, but she 'accidentally' got pregnant, so he stuck around for as long as he could.)It was a lot of effort for someone who didn't bring much to the relationship beyond a lot of insecurity driven and ex related drama, and was mostly only free during the week after work (at his worst) because he spent every weekend with his daughter.Every situation is different, but I wouldn't do it again.Even if you are ready, you have to talk about raising the kid with the single parent.

I don't really like kids, it's more babies I can't stand so it doesn't bother me really.Of course you will always be on the back burner to the child because you came second and you'll have to be ok with that too.This becomes a big problem, and big is an understatement, if you don't grow attached to the child.I definitely wasn't ready for a kid myself, so it took some getting used to.Your life is definitely going to change, some ways good, some ways bad.

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I have a friend who fell in love with a woman's child when he first met and they are married and happy.

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