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This was the only season not to feature the series' original lead Lauren Conrad in any capacity.

Fans and critics widely declared it to be the worst season of the series, as the "reality" portion of its reality-TV genre became strained and the scripted stories were seen as increasingly ridiculous, along with the general unhappiness with Kristin Cavallari as the show's "lead character" instead of Lauren.

She left a tearful Brody Jenner behind, waving goodbye ...The camera panned out to reveal the entire production crew, set and cameramen."The thing is, as you saw at the end, what's real, what's fake, you don't know," Jenner said."Our relationship, the entire time could have been fake.Click Here To Register And See More My Other Photos Link = L5Kmk SEE PROFILE HERE - NICK "SHANELLE" :: MY CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE NEXT PAGE :: Link = L5Kmk Let me explain a bit more and this is important if you feel like you are in an elastic band relationship which feels like an emotional roller coaster of closeness and then distance, then closeness and distance it may be helpful to look at this from a psychological therapeutic angle, especially if you have challenged this and are then told you are Too sensitive , Too needy or you are Over-reacting. In his book, The Voice of Jesus, Gordon Smith says that, True consolation, the work of the Spirit of God, will result in a life of holiness, service and generosity in response to the call of Christ.

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Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine just into our antiques mall from a local retired resident.

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