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This simply isn’t an option with some dating platforms, and it keeps you limited to big cities where everyone else is heading also.

5: We’ve had huge success with Ukraine Date, as with many other Cupid products – This is our go-to dating tool in most second and third-world countries, and it never fails.

Ukraine is a country that has been in dire economic straights for the past years since the Maidan revolution of 2014, and plenty of women are looking for greener pastures abroad, especially since visa-free travel to the EU was granted in 2018.

With the influx of Western tourists coming to Ukraine more and more, scams continue to grow in the country, especially online as men look to meet Ukrainian beauties at all costs.

Keep this in mind during your search for the best Ukrainian dating sites, and try and stick with the top sites we’ve mentioned below for the best chance at meeting normal Ukrainian women that are open to meeting a foreigner.

Always keep in mind that you need to be treating these people are strangers in your life, and have your guard up at all times.This is our point – these products are chalked full of women looking for relationships, and most guys are staying on those main platforms fighting over fewer resources.Ukraine Date has become more popular certainly, but the sheer amount of talent all throughout Ukraine is really mind-boggling.There are plenty of scammers in Ukraine, on the ground, actual dating sites and even individuals on any of the dating platforms out there.You must be fully vigilant at all times, and always keep in mind that someone might be trying to take you for a ride.

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The online dating process in Ukraine can be quite rewarding overall, you just need to be patient and build up an excellent profile and be ready to go on a handful of dates (at the minimum, three date rule is in effect if not 5 on average).

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