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That never happened when I was alone or out with a friend. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get a reply.I had a 67% response rate.​I remember that I almost messed up my first date with Karol.There are hundreds of You Tube channels from American men in Medellin who give tips on dating Colombian ladies. You have more choice in Bogota AND your gringo value is much higher.​It’s easy to compete with the behavior of Colombian men. They are good at turning girls into single moms, but they also know how to dress. A clean shirt is not enough to set yourself apart from the masses. You can’t win Just make sure that you don’t break the heart of his sister, or he might break your leg, your back, and your schlong.​You are not talking to your Latina maid in a porn movie.Don’t even think about walking around in shorts and sandals. Cheesy Spanish pickup lines It made me puke, but that’s another story.

I could have translated it into Spanish, sign language, and Klingon. She didn’t understand how someone could not want to have children.I learned it the hard way in a restaurant in El Poblado. I looked at Karol with a huge question mark in my face. I was speechless.​I’m German and yes, I’m organized. It’s beautiful because, well, Colombian women have perfect bodies.There’s just one thing that my organized mind almost forgot before my flight to Medellin. Everything that nature messed up was perfected by uncle doctor.I know, it sounds a bit oedipal and perverted, but that’s how it is.​The behavior of Colombian women is weird.On the one hand, they take care of you like a loving mother.

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