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In 1981, S&W hadn’t yet switched to the current frame-mounted firing pin system begun in the late 1980s; this Model 60 uses the familiar traditional “hammer nose” firing pin and the older pinned ejector star, and it’s one of the first Model 60s to omit the pinned barrel.

These older guns will take a little more effort to find out their history.It also features the pinless extractor star that was incorporated into the Model 640 along with those rubber boot grips in 1994.For decades, in each of its DA revolvers, S&W used two tiny locator pins embedded in the rear of the cylinder that aligned with corresponding holes in two star “arms” to correctly position the star when it returned to its normal resting place after ejection.This sample features the casehardened hammer with a hammer-mounted firing pin and casehardened trigger that S&W sandwiched between the earlier 1980s-era chromed parts and the later 1990s MIM versions.The smooth-faced, 0.312-inch-wide “combat” trigger weighs more than my 8-pound trigger gauge can read, but the trigger pull is very smooth considering the smaller geometry and leverage the J-Frame has to work with.

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This Model 640 is a solid little soldier—very smooth externally, totally snag-free and a great pocket gun with its double-action-only (DAO) trigger.

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