Dating someone has attempted suicide

I'm attempting to be supportive and let her know that I still care for her well-being while also hoping she will now see that she needs outside help that I'm simply incapable of providing. If someone is serious about doing it, they just do it. It may be hard to see this right now, but it's kind of the way it really is. Don't feel guilty and don't change plans you obviously have thought out and planned for in advance.I'm sure this isn't a move you did on a whim. That kind of statement is all about her ('he said, never having spoken to her.')My advice: Well, you might be her only support network - so be it.Although I agree that an attempt at suicide is a ploy for attention, I strongly disagree with the notion that you are not to do anything to alleviate this situation.

Anyone who would try to hurt you that much doesn't deserve you.

If you can't bring yourself to comfort her due to your need of a break, then seek out help for her.

Call a Suicide hotline and give them your girlfriends info.

Please, just don't leave her to go through this alone.callous advice rid of her, run and don't look back.

as 'backpackwayne' says in the top comment you are being manipulated in a severe way. It's harsh, but there is no way she should have put you in this position.

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