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He’s definitely a busy guy and doesn’t seem to get a whole lot of actual downtime but being one of the faces of HGTV is a responsibility that a few of those on the roster kind of need to keep up the brand and as such it is important to let the fans know what’s going on as much as possible.A lot of those from HGTV seem to be spokespeople for various products that are obviously used in the home in various ways.With as much as he’s done it’s not hard to see how he’s worth this much, but at the same time it’s possible to see just how his net worth might rise.

The prizes he won were impressive, but hosting his own show was a truly impressive feat.

After which, he'd help a dazed, shit stained, but determined D. stencil tsunami waves around the crate.i'd like to see him and some of those hot "straight" men he redoes the rooms for.... As if he would have anything to do with you anyway, reply #9.

and especially a couple of those firemen during that makeover! And TIA who refers to David as a troll - That's laughable!!

David only likes old men like me, possessing no prostate at all.

He is very gentle in the beginning as his huge piece of equipment requires some enticing, even with a voluptuous wrinkled fanny like mine.

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