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As the event gets underway, you will make your way around the venue playing Drunk Jenga.Some of the Jenga blocks will include ice breaker questions and funny dares to truly help you find Mr or Mrs right.The E4 dating show returned last night with the likes of Lauren Goodger, Nathan Henry and Megan Barton-Hanson looking for love – but fans noticed they were more interested in the booze than meeting someone.After meeting a match, Nathan was seen insisting he didn’t want to get drunk before proceeding to order a triple vodka.How it works I here you ask, youll have a few drinks to start I hear they have an impressive cocktail list, which should be sampled.Allowing you to mingle with everyone and start to eye up any potentials.But if you add alcohol, his inability to impress you starts to seem kind of endearing, like a little kid who just wants someone to be proud of the fact that he tied his own shoes this morning. Literally any guy who does this on a first date is not only a moron, but a complete tool.If he assumes you’re DTF before you even meet up, he definitely doesn’t deserve to get laid.

Normally, you’d probably just fake smile and pay the bill, because OMG, how embarrassed would you be if you had to tell the server you can’t pay for your meal?! He honestly thinks it’s okay to pick you up and just go wherever the night takes you? You need to know what restaurant you’ll be at, where you’re going after, and what time you’ll be home, otherwise he could murder you and bury you in the woods, and nobody would even know where to start looking because you couldn’t tell your roommate where he was taking you on your date. She spends her days working in accounting, and her nights trying to change the world with her words.

It’s worse when they don’t even put in an effort to seem interesting by making crap up about themselves on a first date.

If you go out with someone like this, vodka is a good solution (pun intended). For some reason, 99 percent of the attractive guys we meet online are complete douchebags.

Instead of awkwardly scooting further away on the couch every time he inches closer, make a drinking game out of whatever you’re watching on Netflix: every time someone speaks, take a drink.

Best case scenario, you get super sloppy drunk and call Uber for a ride home. Going out is fun when you’re drunk, because anywhere you go is always an adventure.

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