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Field sales individuals were often unable to select enough data from the proper catalogs with the current information listings, so medium-voltage cable quotations have ordinarily been generated by highly specialized cable engineering professionals located at a corporate headquarters.The often daily changes of the material costs necessitated that prices quoted only days apart often had to be recalculated for identical cables.The preferred computer is a microprocessor-based personal computer.Use of smaller, powerful computers enables easy field deployment of the quotation systems, and fast, reliable database updates via modem from a central location.Briefly described, the aforementioned objects are accomplished according to the invention by providing a rule-based expert system in combination with a plurality of catalog specification databases, a program instruction set, and a computer.The computer can be a dedicated small computer or a large computer.Either search for the error message itself or just the error code, like "Error Code 635". Verify that the network path is correct and the destination computer is not busy or turned off.

Quotations are quickly generated, often saving days of delay in obtaining a corporate or regional office quotation.The process was also highly prone to introduction of human error, unnecessary delay of orders, and customer dissatisfaction.Under pressure of time, price quotes would often be too high, leading to lost sales, or too low, resulting in costly losses.As can be readily appreciated, the analysis of many medium-voltage of power cable materials and manufacturing parameters in preparing an appropriate power cable price quote was a time-consuming, highly-skilled, and costly labor-intensive process.Because of the great number of variables involved, many cost variables could only be estimated or infrequently updated.

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