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“I was seeing a guy who insists he’s not ready for a relationship but he calls and texts [me] all the time.I just don’t get that.” Like a lot of the women we talked to, Jillian (not her real name), a smart and witty thirty-one year-old entrepreneur, says the guys she encounters online are a bit more likely to be sincere.Just ask Tony (not his real name), a fifty-one-year-old entrepreneur.

As a newly single guy tentatively testing the dating waters in Stamford, his hometown, Matt found himself immersed in a scene that—for better and for worse—had changed profoundly in the three years since he had last been looking for love. “Once you turn thirty, if you’re a decent single guy who’s got it together, you’re in demand.” There was another bonus to being single in this city again, adds Matt; during the years he’d been off the relationship market, Stamford had experienced a seismic social shift.

He told me he was surprised by my conspicuous carb consumption,” says Lindsey, who ditched the guy and slipped out the back door with help from the restaurant’s sympathetic staff.

Ava (not her real name), a twenty-four-year-old single with a good job in sales, grew up in Stamford but has recently decided to take an apartment in New York City.

Single women tell us they’ve been asked—on first dates no less—how much they weigh, what they earn (so gold-digging guys are out there too) and if they packed an overnight bag.

“I actually had a guy question-challenge my decision to dip into the bread bowl while we were waiting for dinner.

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