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To overcome this, you’ll need to find somewhere safe to stand your phone.

This might be something simple, like a Popsocket to lean against, or even Lego bricks.

The solution is something we’ve covered previously, but that method no longer works.

Arguably the best—perhaps really the only—choice you should make is to install Droid Cam.

It’s an Android app that turns your smartphone (and if you have a good device for grabbing it, your tablet) into a handy, portable webcam.

You’re about to discover how simple it is to turn your Android device into a webcam.

This should be easy to find—just run the app on your phone and it shows, as well as the port number.You’ll find the correct IP address on your phone’s display.The app offers various image resolutions for video and stills.Meanwhile, if you want an easy way to store video recorded with IP Webcam, a dedicated Dropbox uploader plugin is also available from Google Play.Download: IP Webcam (Free) | IP Webcam Pro () Download: IP Webcam Uploader If you’re only looking for a way to use Skype, these solutions won’t work if you’re using Skype 8.

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