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The center and right-leaning majority, however, does not recognize their certification because they are female judges, for all intents and purposes. Women encouraging other women and their daughters to painfully violate themselves for God, instead of listening to their bodies and protecting themselves. Like kosher and the Sabbath, the specific laws governing the execution of the commandment are recorded various rabbinical writings considered as binding as the Bible itself.

The scope of this article does not include the vast laws that govern what the woman must do to her body on the night of her ritual bath, the emotional stresses put on the marriage and on the spouses by these laws, and how men who are prohibited from spilling their seed deal with so much celibacy (Hint: In Jewish law, a married man sleeping with a single woman who is not his wife is NOT considered adulterous.

However, if broken, the laws accompanying it carry a far greater penalty in the next world than those related to the Sabbath or keeping Kosher.

The reasons non-Jews seek Jewish mates vary in their particulars, but generally seem to come down to the old idea of the nice Jewish boy or girl.

I want to be your shiksa and your partner for life." Ms.

Mercado, 40, said that her late boyfriend had been "a kind soul" and that she believes his Jewish upbringing gave him a good character.

The woman must take an active role to ensure she is “clean” by wearing only white underwear and conducting self-examinations of her vaginal canal with special white cloths twice a day, every day, before sundown.

The white cloth is inserted into the vagina so that any fluid or discharge is absorbed.

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