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Two years later she returned to Ireland to campaign for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment and is now working in the media in Dublin.

She called in to Headstuff Studios to discuss the differences between Ireland and Australia, her favourite Irish words, and her favourite deadly Australian animals.

It was in this latter capacity that she became the driving force behind An Foclóir Aiteach/The Queer Dictionary, a glossary of LGBTQI terminology as Gaeilge. --- Contact the show at or email us at [email protected]

So why did it take so long to codify these words about sexuality, gender identify and more? Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire is a lecturer in TU Dublin and a well-travelled chef and TV presenter.

He's the world's leading expert in Irish food history, so why he agreed to appear on our podcast, we'll never know.

Gearóidín and Peadar chat with Máirtín about the history of Irish ingredients, ancient cooking methods, and an absolute heap of cheese. Gearóidín and Peadar can communicate in Finnish and French respectively by shrugging and being rude, but that doesn't indicate fluency.

Brianna Parkins was the Sydney Rose in 2016 and when she took the stage in Tralee she used her platform to call for legal access to abortion.

Why is Irish food not held in the same regard as French, Spanish or even Danish grub? Find out all this and more, as Máirtín takes us on a culinary journey a thousand years or more in the making. And as for legal language, that's a whole other ball game.

What did we eat before the noble spud arrived on our shores? --- Contact the show at or email us at [email protected] When your life is on the line, are you really fluent enough to understand the language used in court?

Was this a betrayal of Brehon Law and Irish history?

Or was it a reflection of what we've always done - sidelining women? Peadar asks the questions as our resident legal eagle and medievalist take on over 1500 years of misogyny and patriarchy.

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Why do we eat so little seafood for an island nation? As usual, practically none of these questions actually get answered as our heroes boldly get distracted by video games, knitting and swear words.

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