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The goal is really to allow collaboration even though project, you don't need to manage another one with a fork.The merge experience would be about the same, but with an extra level of indirection (push first on the fork, then ask for a pull, with the risk of evolutions on the original repo making your fast-forward merges not fast-forward anymore).Since we're developing a project in house, there is no problem in adding people as collaborators.But, we'd like to understand if forking a project would make merge changes back to the main project harder.Forking is at the core of social coding at Git Hub.

The general pattern is as follows: More Specific :- In open source projects it is the owner of the repository who decides who can push to the repository.That is, I wonder if branching makes keeping the two projects in sync easier.In other words, is it easier to merge and push changes between my version of the main project and the main project when I branch?For more information, see "Syncing a fork." The sky's the limit with the changes you can make to a fork, including: Fork a repository to start contributing to a project.You can fork any public repository to your user account or any organization in which you have repository creation permissions.

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