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News Banks and law enforcement agencies will have to strain up: well-known merchants of stolen credit card data Joker Stash put up for sale properties of rich clients of elite stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor Stores - that is, Americans and guests of the States, for whom the norm is spent in large quantities. It is not so easy to isolate among all these operations the dark deeds of fraudsters. However, the news was so-so: not very new IE exploit and the Trojan Buhtrap, known since 2014. As you know, wherever all the banal has already been tried, the open space for creativity opens up.

In addition, dealers from Joker Stash, as they have it, put the goods in small portions, so as not to block everything at once. And all this kindness was posted on a number of Russian news sites, from where they were handed out to readers. Exploit for Internet Explorer (CVE-2016-0189), also known as VBScript Godmode, the attackers did not write themselves - they got out of the open source. So, some craftsmen found the source of inspiration in the beautiful face of the Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson.

Not all such format of the event on information security fell in love.

All week in twitter, every now and then jumped tart comments of technical experts, such as "RSA is most productive, if you lock yourself in a hotel room and work." RSA - this is really a tusovka managers, and it does not matter from whose side - the provider of security ... Some enterprising comrades decided to provide the public with unusual news. News 2 Fans of free crypto-currency, it seems, amicably puzzled by the question of where to hide the miner so that he could not be found longer.

Now there are a huge number of systems for learning English.

https:// Channel RU The records of the reports will be published later there.

Registration for the event: https://kas.pr/industrial4habr May 28 at in our Moscow office will be the fourth meeting of experts on cybersecurity ASU TP.

Then he was the lot of a handful of "elite", but information about the wonderful blocker of vile advertising was spread through the fields and villages at the speed of a forest fire, and with the help of this same handful of elite.

It all started about five years ago, when Ad Block and its various forks appeared on the market.

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