Internet dating nigerian scams

Not all online scams are trying to download malware onto your computer.Sometimes scams aren’t a virus burrowing into your hard drive, but a fake lover taking root in your heart.Even pay attention to the way they write — for example, do they claim to be a native English speaker but you notice they make lots of mistakes?That’s a huge, waving red flag that they aren’t who they say they are.People over age 70 lost the most money in romantic scams, with the median amount being ,000 — meaning that many people lost much more than that.So if you, or your parents, or even your grandparents are looking for love online, it’s important to learn the signs of catfishing so you can protect yourself and spread the word to help keep your family safe too.But due to political insecurity in the region or some other excuse, he needs your help getting access to the money.All you have to do is send him a chunk of money now, and then he’ll reward you with (a much bigger) portion later.

The scam generally goes like this: you meet someone on a dating site or app, the person seems amazing, and they progress your relationship quickly.If the account is brand new, it could be a sign that someone created the account just for a fake persona.It’s a huge red flag if there are only a few photos, all of which look professional (they might be stolen from a model or somewhere else on the net).Of course, none of this is real and you never get your money back.Now that many people are familiar with that scam, fraudsters are going beyond a simple email posing as a Nigerian prince.

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They’re taking social engineering much further — creating entire fake identities, with fake photos and fake social media accounts, and seducing innocent people into fake relationships.

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