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He had been doing this for the past two years at least once or twice a week as well as going to porn sites regularly. If it was a sting operation I would presume the girl only looked underage rather than actually being underage. I've know a couple of women in their twenties who looked much younger — one who seriously looked like she was fourteen, which she found most annoying — but who were still in their twenties.I suggested that as frightening and shocking as being investigated as a sex offender was, it may well have been a blessing in disguise, a wake-up call. Sexuality and the Internet: Surfing into the new millennium. Cyber Psychology & Behavior, 1(2), 187-193., 1, 187-193. Or are you suggesting that the authorities were employing actual underage girls to cruise chat rooms? It is traditional for those of us who have been online for many years to leap to the net's defence at times like this, arguing that parental ignorance is to blame and that anyway the net brings benefits which far outweigh any risks it may pose to children. Shevaun's disappearance was the net's fault and we have to accept this.She would not have had any contact with her 31-year old ex-Marine if it had not been for the easy access to e-mail and chat that today's children seem to demand as a right, and we should not pretend otherwise or blame inadequate supervision.When he did, he was startled to find her lying naked on a couch, masturbating.He became immediately aroused and began masturbating too, and seemed to have become immediately addicted to this behavior, which seemed to be more common than he imagined. Although sometimes the girls involved seemed several years younger than him, he paid little attention to this. Underage girls were cruising chat rooms looking for guys to link up with via Skype so they could engage in mutual masturbation? Allow me to suggest that is a much bigger problem than some young man failing to get proof-of-age for his Skype partners.At times it is a benign disinhibition, as when people show unusual acts of kindness or generosity, but at other times it is malignant, as when visiting the dark places of the Internet – pornography, crime, and violence – through email, chat rooms, and video.Using the Internet, one can go to and see videos about the top ten cyber crimes.

He did not care about anything other than sexual gratification. I don't engage in such behaviors, but if I did, I would have assumed — quite naively, obviously — that any women I met in such a chat room would have been adults, no matter how young they may have looked.

Cyberpsychologist Mary Aiken (2016) studies the impact of emerging technology on human behavior.

I was surprised to discover that cyberpsychology is the subject of approximately thirty peer-reviewed journals.

They seemed unreal, happening as if he were in a trance.

The harsh reality of being under investigation was a terrible shock to him.

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The advent of the Internet has changed the way we live, for better and for worse.

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