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Life should be filled with positivity and holding each other up, not making threats and sending bad vibes…" All Hewitt did by making a show of leaving Twitter was highlight her unpopularity.

Not to mention, her grand exit was all in vain because she later returned and began tweeting as much as ever.

At the movies, on the other hand, Hewitt briefly flirted with A-list status before completely dropping off the radar.

Looking back at her career, it's easy to understand why.

We imagine her saying something like, "So if the ghost I'm whispering to drinks a Coke, the viewers will want a Coke? " No director wants to work with someone who can't handle criticism (constructive or otherwise), and this is another likely reason Hewitt isn't inundated with offers anymore.

If she wants to remain relevant in Tinseltown too, she could explore ways to blend motherhood with celebrity lifestyle branding, à la Jessica Alba and her eco-friendly baby products.It's hard to believe Jennifer Love Hewitt is still in her 30s.It's not that the former child actor and teen star has aged badly, she's just one of those celebs that seems to have been around forever…in the world of television, at least.I have every illness known to man, and I am pretty sure I have had the bird flu four of five times.I know I drive people mad with my phobias." Star Crush alleges she's also afraid of chicken wings and freaks out if her teeth touch a bone.

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