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There are few lines or situations that can be readily quoted here – but who wants jokes spoiled anyway? 'Testees' is wall-to-wall uproarious." Focusing on the 2016 US Presidential Election and interviews Hotz performed with citizens on the streets of the US, Buzzfeed called the film the "most honest and objective piece of journalism this whole election". I'm Paula Jean Swearengin and I'm running for US Senate in West Virginia.Instead of challenging each other as they do on the TV show, the pair instead performed a satirical act of their relationship as two bitter men wishing for a return to their glory days.While Hotz and Rice appeared nostalgic for their past fame and fortune, the two nonetheless descended into typical bickering, mixed with audience interaction, clips intended to shock, and even a public humiliation for old time’s sake.

Their stamina is to be applauded and the two never skipped a beat. While die-hard fans enjoyed the constant back-and-forth between Hotz and Rice, those who were unfamiliar with the premise of the show were treated to two hours of two strange men arguing incessantly until the merciful interruption of the intermission.They stated that they first came across the show while staying up late finishing their movie Team America: World Police, when they viewed the episode Who can stay awake the longest? The show's title came from the name of the testing facility where both main characters worked: Testico.The premier episode starred Ron and Peter believing that Peter has become pregnant, although his condition is actually just a hormonal imbalance from the medical testing he underwent earlier in the episode.Hotz is a former South Park staff writer, "Kenny" of the Comedy Central television series Kenny vs.Spenny, creator of the FX series Testees, and Kenny Hotz's Triumph of the Will.

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