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Clint Collins, senior director, landscape operations, Irvine Company Office Properties, was recently a special guest in an "Outsmarting the Drought" webinar series, presented by Hydro Point Data Systems.

And throughout our long history we've experienced numerous droughts, and we've made major investments in programs and pioneered systems and infrastructure designed to reduce that water usage up front, and then extensively reclaim and reuse that water whenever possible.

Collins; Well, the biggest change is the mandatory water reduction percentages on the potable water for each water agency. But, unfortunately, not enough people took that seriously, and they didn't make the changes that had been long overdue.

The other big one for us is that mandate where you have to turn off all the water to city medians that have turf on potable water.

But here in Irvine, where we have been pioneering the use of it--we actually helped build the first reclamation center in 1968--we're over 70 percent, with many more online coming, conversions to reclaimed.

Q; Following up on what you said about the mandate to turn off water to medians, how do you think that will affect the overall appeal and/or your plant palette?

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