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A trickle of shallow water and a mister on the hottest days are very attractive.Whether in ornamental ponds, pools or fountains, the sight and sound of water always provides an enjoyable relief from hot, dry summers.Water features are a must in Mediterranean gardens to cool the air in the heat of summer.The gleam of water also adds a delightful dimension to any garden.Favor clay pots that will remain cool by evaporation to plastic posts that will absorb the sun’s heat. A potted plant has a smaller reserve of water than a plant grown in the ground.

Select pots with a wide base to ensure they are not blown over.Reminiscent of the Moorish mosaic, glazed colored tiles are very decorative and may be used to decorate walls or patio floors.Bursting with color, these create lively mosaics and can be used in a wide range of climates to create dramatic color accents with their rich combinations of pattern and color.Nature, history, tradition, religion, relaxing on the beach, skin-diving, trekking…there isn’t a single item on the “things to do on vacation” list that you won’t find here.

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It is considered, for good reason, the most modern city in Israel, not just for its skyscrapers but also for its way of life.

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