Mormans and inter racial dating

He doesn’t pretend to understand what I’ve gone through but he knows it’s out there.

Neither of us can stand racism and we’ve learned to stand together as a team and defend our relationship when necessary.

I also have observed more and more mixed-race children (two or three or four racial) in recent years.

Would you care if your child dated outside of your race? Hi, Jennifer, I invited you to check out (if you already haven’t) In our family, my kids grew up literally seeing skin color as just another variation like eye or hair color, and I was sad when they began to have it pointed out to them at school that they needed to be sensitive and accepting. You may want to consider (if it’s possible–I know it’s not always) where you live. It doesn’t matter who they will look more like, either way, they will turn out gorgeous! I too remember liking white guys in high school & college, but was never approached. Sometimes people & their family don’t want to be associated with that “different” person. Sorry to say but your children may have a hard time finding a boyfriend/girlfriend especially if they are limited to dating people who are LDS.

Many parents there are dealing with issues and concerns similar to the important ones you raised. Ultimately, if you give your children a firm concept of who they are, I think they’ll do alright! I agree with you, that race should be a complete NON issue… Our generation seems open to many things that most of our parent’s and grandparent’s generations are completely closed off to. That’s the way they were raised, in segregated schools. Like you said some black people leave because no one would date them & some peoples family teach that you must stick to your own race.

While terms of the deal were not disclosed, one prominent business leader reported off the record that if the arrangement proves lucrative for both parties, every single Mormon temple will have a Starbucks by the church’s 200th anniversary in 2030.

“This is such a fantastic opportunity for the Church,” he said. Or maybe that’s the caffeine talking.” One potential sticking point is that no changes have yet been announced to the Word of Wisdom, the LDS dietary code that has been interpreted as prohibiting alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs—and coffee.

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