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To find out how many cookies you'll have in bank at a given time, use: Note that this assumes that you do not click the big cookie, buy new upgrades/buildings, or click golden cookies in this time period.

To make it so that the title of the webpage changes to an exclamation point whenever a golden/red cookie appears, use: set Interval(function() , 100); To make it so that a desktop notification pops up whenever a golden/red cookie appears, use: if (window.webkit Notifications.check Permission()) Game.shimmer.spawn = (function() )(); // source: Cookie Clicker Subreddit To make it so that a beeping sound is played whenever a golden/red cookie spawns, use: var alerted = false; set Interval(function () , 100); For instructions on using these scripts, refer to above.

Build Script X is a placeholder name to differentiate it from the other scripts. The script automatically buys the most effective item only in terms of cookies per second and price.

The creator(s) should change it accordingly, but who wants to sit in that debate? It also tells you how long it'll take until it buys, based on your CPS.

It has become one of the most classic and iconic audio games people think about during the holidays. No problem, you and all your European pals can compete together. If you played old versions of the game, you will remember that having to escape from Santa was as simple as running to the same exit repeatedly. Now you'll need to use strategy, nerves of steel, and a bit of luck to escape. He might even have a surprise or two up his sleeves. If you like all sorts of numbers and statistical stuff, then version 2.04 has you covered.They require a bit of interaction with technical stuff.However, all the steps are listed and should not be too hard.Upgrades By Each(function (e) ); Game.upgrades To Rebuild = 1; If you want to make all researches instant, use: set Interval(function() , 1); If you want to change the amount of heavenly chips temporarily, use: Game.prestige = []; Game.prestige['Heavenly chips'] = ; Game.cookies Reset = nhc * (nhc 1) * 1e12 / 2; Game.Calculate Prestige(); Use this code to pull up a menu where you have the option to set your Heavenly Chips.

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After a much-anticipated wait, version 2.04 is here. Track statistics such as wins, losses, steps taken and much more.

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