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I yelled at him to stop, as he pulled my pants down and forced his penis inside me.

“I guess you didn’t enjoy the date,” he texted the next day.

More and more people are turning to online dating sites in search of romantic partners, but with the opportunities that technology provides for people to connect, it also brings potential danger.

There is no shortage of stories of bad dates gone wrong, but women in particular are increasingly at risk for sexual assault and other violent crime.

He said he couldn’t find his pants, so he stood behind the kitchen counter so as not to offend.

We talked for a while and he showed me the bedroom, pointing out there was only one bed, but that we wouldn’t be home at the same time very often.

I told him I did not want to have sex, but I kissed him.I told him I didn’t want anything to happen because I was just out of a relationship and we had just met.We went back to his boat and he asked if I would stay a while.- *** I met him on the site “Seeking Arrangement.” On our third date, I agreed to sex -- as long as he wore a condom.I saw that he was wearing a condom when he initially penetrated me, but I noticed he had removed it when he pulled out, and that we had been having unprotected intercourse. I went to the clinic the following day to get tested for STDs.

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I very clearly told him that I didn’t even kiss men on the first date, let alone have sex with them.

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