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Apache Open Office 4.1.6 has been released on Nov 18, 2018.

Sparklines can be used to great effect in charts, but also in text.

An example of this can be found in the Euro Office Sparkline manual.

Sparklines are small (word-size) charts that illustrate trends and variations.

A simple very practical approach - Why don't you build 1 spreadsheet and try how it works in the other application.

By way of general answer to your title, I have recently written this outline of MS binary vs OOXML support in LO.

[1] indicates whether a copy of the existing VBA macro is preserved or not.

Also note this answer about the option required at the head of a VBA macro to allow it to run.

[2] There is no native IDE for Python in LO and no native method of saving Python macros in ODS (the scripts are saved to the user profile under Calc error: name conflict Calc table compatibility with Excel Calc: Way to join/merge multiple data ranges to one Scatter Plot Data Labels don't work.

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For more details on sparklines we can recommend Edward Tufte's treatise.

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