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There are over-posters, and drunk posters; there are angry, cursing posters — whose words are promptly removed, Ms.Collins said — and posters who are a tad self-righteous.Woolfers have also swapped houses and apartments, rented each other rooms and raised money for groups including the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Trust for Public Land.

In its breezy candor, the book is as appealing and appalling as the conversations of the Woolfers online, though it lacks the tartness and invective that occasionally erupts there, turning a you-go-girl group of self-affirmers into an unruly scrum. “We’re talking about super-candid things, and people have strong opinions.

But within a year of its founding, WWVWD, to use its colloquial abbreviation, had more than 1,300 members; the week after the presidential election there was an increase of another 1,000, Ms.

Collins said, with many seeking a way to marshal themselves for political action. Collins changed from “secret” to “closed” (meaning it can be seen by the public), begot subgroups, for those who wanted to focus on philanthropy, activism, business networking and writing.

A recent Page Six item reported that her second husband had broken her nose during a fight last September.“What does it mean to be ‘too much,’ as a woman? ”“I thought it would be a throwaway thread,” she said.

“But suddenly there were like 600 comments,” evenly divided in opinion. We can’t just sell content online, it has to be something else.

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The way we dealt with it was to write about it, so everyone knew what had happened.

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