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Their friendship turned into something more after Parker’s former girlfriend Gwen Stacy died, with MJ stepping in to help him deal with the trauma of losing so many of his loved ones.It may take Parker several proposals before MJ agrees to marry him, but when the loving deal is struck, they become one of comic book’s most powerful couples, and that’s certainly something to be celebrated.Otherwise known as Marrow, Sarah Rushman is a mutant who can remove her bones from her body, using them as weapons and body armor whenever she feels threatened. The two want to mate whenever they’re with one another, which is why readers have never really seen their grouping taken to the limits.

The memories of Gwen however will remain with Parker forever. Brought together by their Spider-Senses, the two share a passionate relationship, but in the ‘Spider-Verse’ storyline it’s clear that it’s not a practical union.

Otherwise known as the Black Cat, Felicia Hardy is a woman who has been on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to Peter Parker’s emotions.

He’s battled her and he’s loved her, but what’s interesting about their relationship is that Felicia was never in love with Parker, but instead the costumed hero Spider-Man.

Parker Stevenson was born as Richard Stevenson Parker on 4 June 1952, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Stevenson holds an American nationality and is of North American ethnicity.

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