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this is the story of someone who isnt working a program, who hasnt dealt with the issues of his addictions, and is still in denial about how big his problem i questioned him about this after his mate had gone he told me he didnt want to beat himself up over it, and that he would just see what happened.

Of course, one does have to read the ads with a skeptical eye -- the veteran online dater understands that words like "tall" and "fit" are pretty subjective.

Just be sure to check his left hand for a ring or tell-tale tan line.

While the Red Cross does not release statistical data on the male/female ratio of blood donors, any guy who would give up his own body fluids to help out a stranger has got to be a quality date."Business events often include a certain number of men who are looking for an extra-marital fling," says Atwood.

True, comedians have a tendency to be emotionally needy and self-centered.

The big drawback of music clubs, of course, is that the noise level can make it hard to hold a conversation.

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