Row can not be located for updating Free emo chat rooms no registration

I am getting an EDatabase error that says 'Row cannot be located for updating'.

I've read some time ago in this NG (I believe) that you can limit the ADO where statement construct by informing the ADO recordset about this primary key (or rather: dropping the other fields). Since then inserting a new row gives the error "Row cannot be located for updating".Some values may have been changed since it was last read. It put only some default values on other not rilevant columns." I know that problem is caused by a Before Insert trigger that I CANNOT change. I tried to use the recordset Property option "Update Criteria" = ad Criteria Key without success !I had same problem with SQL Server but i solved putting into the trigger SET NOCOUNT ON.I think problem is related to the fact that ADO tries to calculate number of affected rows and for doing that it use a where clause built on the changed columns but using values it had on the client.

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This happens only when set as default locale on the pc other language than English.

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