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Tenma eventually appreciates his feelings, but is still truly in love with Karasuma.Tenma switched places with Iori (Yakumo's cat) in one episode, and when Iori in Tenma's body pounces on Harima, he instantly thinks she's fallen in love with him.Tenma worries she has no good qualities, as she can only think of the bad qualities she has.She is quite childish, but really wants to be thought of as a woman.Tenma has a habit of misunderstanding and misinterpreting situations, even obvious ones.She is quite naive and gullible, as she is willing to trust anyone. Tenma is shown to be bad at cooking, sports, and academics.You are a member of NERV tasked with caring for and raising Rei or Asuka and preparing them to fight the Angels attacking Tokyo-3.Taking the system first seen in Princess Maker, Gainax introduces their Evangelion twist to it.

Tenma pretends to not know that Harima loves her and leaves Japan for the United States.Tenma is fairly clumsy, only adding to her worries that she is talentless.It is possible that she has a slight psychokinetic power, as she talks about bending spoons a few times to Yakumo Tsukamoto and was once shown bending a spoon in an OVA.She is usually seen in her school uniform, even when she went to school in America, as shown in the manga, but will wear other clothes, like during summer and winter break.Tenma is short, immature and flat-chested for her age, which in turn causes people to mistake her for a middle school student, usually insulting her.

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