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Yet as my son grows older, he becomes a fascinating person to interact with, and I’m happy with my choice.

I still wish I had someone though, to share the highs and lows of parenting with.

He had held my hand during the embryo transfer at the clinic, had adored my pregnant body, relocated to London and decorated the nursery, attended the NCT classes with me and told me he wanted to be a dad to my baby.

Sadly, he left us when my son was just three months old. The stories I’ve heard of other ‘choice mums’ – single women who choose to have a baby without a partner – often differ from mine, as they didn’t have the expectation of a partner by their side.

When I decided to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor, I was ready for the life change that becoming a mother would bring.

No more partying the nights away, or lazy lie-ins nursing my latest hangover.

I struggled on at home, scrambling to fill the day and clutching on to contact with other adults against the fog of sleep deprivation.

I had well-meaning friends spread across London, some with kids and some without (the mums all with partners) – and all without a clue about my state of mind.But since I couldn’t usually participate in any after-work drinks or events, weekends were often still lonely, so I started taking my baby to church.Then I was made redundant, and friends gradually began to move out of London – to bigger houses, new partners and some back to their countries of birth.I felt I was done wasting time with men who weren’t ready to have a child and came across the option of co-parenting with a single gay or straight man.I met a guy who was open to being a known donor or co-parent, and after around a year of attempts at artificial insemination at home, we did IVF together in 2013 but I miscarried.

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