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“But make sure we emphasize local, fresh products and great food quality.” This strategy worked, and Barrio has expanded from an individual location to five throughout the area over the last six years. The restaurant has never lost its focus on creating one-of-kind taco joints in hip, up-and-coming neighborhoods.Despite the added locations, Barrio hasn’t lost its popularity.“Our most popular appetizer is our queso blanco cheese dip. “It’s one of the must-do things if you’re in Cleveland, says It’s got a cult following, and it’s a great thing to share for a date.” Aside from queso, Jake lists the restaurant’s unique guacamole as another must-eat offering. And we always do some cool specials for our queso and guac — this month our guacamole is made with caramelized pineapple, goat cheese, and crispy bacon,” he said.I think it’ll be a perfect fit.” With its memorable atmosphere and outside-the-box food, Barrio is the kind of place you and your date are going to enjoy.Diners love the combination of a laid-back, affordable meal and a high-energy environment.

As couples move away from making guests check boxes for fish or chicken, Barrio gives guests the opportunity to customize their dinner at the reception. You can have a Barrio taco bar at your wedding, or go all out and have Barrio bring its food truck to your reception.

Plus, to ease the nerves of a first — or 100th — date, don’t forget about the drinks. “We wanted to have one of the best craft beer lists in the city and focus on craft cocktails and margaritas.” Barrio strives to provide an interesting atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal.

“Our walls are hand-painted by a local artist out of Tremont. It creates a feel and vibe in the restaurant.” Barrio may be the ultimate date spot because couples can bond there. Take the couple who bought the table where they had their first date — so they could use it at their wedding.

“We’re a local Cleveland company,” said Jake Hawley, Barrio’s Director of Operations.

“Our first location opened on Cinco De Mayo six years ago, so we just celebrated our six-year anniversary.” Barrio’s first location was in Cleveland’s trendy Tremont neighborhood.

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The right combination of a vibrant decor, friendly servers, and Mexican food that’s a little out of the ordinary — think Thai chili tofu and pineapple salsa.

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