Updating a mobile home inside

The gallery below includes lots of pics of the process. These separations have shown where there is old paint.There might be 10 spots where it has done this and they can easily be filled in with a small craft paint brush.Who knows, maybe several years from now we will decide it’s time to have the insulation and new siding done. The only issue we have had is due to expansion of the siding.But for now, we are very happy, and saved ourselves ,000. Some pieces in the back of the house (the East side) have separated a bit, we believe due to the heat it gets in the morning.But painting the exterior of the house will literally make it feel like you have a new house.We do not regret making this choice over the new siding at all.It costs on average about 0 per room to do this – but if you think about the energy savings from the additional protection of the walls, it’s really worth it. The whole wall was less than to do (including trim), and it went up faster than bead board. We have them as a focal wall in our bedroom and love the rustic quality it lends, even though these days I’m trying to take a more modern approach (juxtaposition is one of my favorite things.) I’m sure there’s probably eleven million other ways to cover walls without breaking the bank, these ideas are ones I’ve actually used and can tell you with experience that they work.

So we just make the most of what we have and do our best to bring our vision of home to life. If you’ve never lived in a mobile home, there’s one thing that we all hate – those darn strips on mobile home walls that they use to hide the cracks in the drywall.

So today I’m sharing the three ways we recovered our mobile home walls to get rid of the mobile home look.

1) Bead board: Let’s start with what we use the most: bead board walls.

But, we got an estimate from a great contractor that we have found and had him do the job. The product information is as follows: (Update: It has been 3 years since we painted and it still looks fantastic. Personally, if you are going to paint my house, and guarantee it for any length of time, you would think you would want it to be done well. So, I wanted a quote that included two coats only and a guarantee that that’s how many we would get. The estimate we chose was with a local contractor who guaranteed his work for 1 year and the paint had a limited lifetime guarantee. You can’t even believe how much a couple of coats of paint can change your home.

He gave us great advice, had used the products before, and told us how to care for it once finished. We talk about it often about the inside of the house, how painting a room can make it feel fresh and new.

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Mobile homes are made with pre-wallpapered dry wall, then matching strips are made to hide the gaps, because they’re made as quickly and cheaply as possible.

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