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Below, we have outlined some of the antidotes to this problem.

Below is an outline of the most notorious causes for this type of error: This mostly occurs when the RAM occasionally triggers read and write errors.

If up to this point you are experiencing a Blue screen UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP error, a RAM memory test is required to perform a detailed test of your RAM module(s).

This is because RAM is generally sensitive in nature and it’s always advisable to run a test when your system acts up.

from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or downgrading from a current to an older version e.g. Other factors that could trigger this kind of error include Dust is the main culprit behind overheating of the of motherboard components.

Dust clogs up the CPU fan and obstructs free air circulation leading to building up of heat within the motherboard.

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In case errors are found, a replacement of the RAM module is advised.

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