Updating webroot firewall

Some VPN solutions such as Cyber Ghost (currently discounted), works well with Webroot.

Therefore, you should consider changing your VPN to Cyberghost.

Meanwhile, you can do this by disabling the web shield & filtering option in Webroot program.

Normally, this should resolve the VPN blocked by Webroot problem; however, some VPN software makes use of the port 1723 for TCP, and ports 4500 UDP and 500.

Webroot might block this port as a security measure.

Therefore, you should disable SSL monitoring for the port exclusion.

learned of the issue through reader Andrew, who reported that the Webroot update for enterprises has "shit the bed," creating all sorts of problems on corporate networks.

Windows systems crash with the following memory access error: "It causes boxes to BSOD [Blue Screen of Death] in an unrecoverable state," Andrew explained.

Windows Report has enlisted the best workarounds to fix the VPN blocked by Webroot issue.

If you are still experiencing VPN blocked by Webroot issue, then we highly recommend that you should contact either your VPN service provider or Webroot for advanced troubleshooting procedures.

Conclusively any of the aforementioned solutions should be able to fix VPN blocked by Webroot problems.

Typically, antivirus tools break computers by removing crucial operating system files, believing them to be malicious.

This latest screwup is unusual in that not every customer appears to be affected. ® Webroot has emitted version to apparently fix the cockup: Following reports of difficulties installing the latest Webroot Secure Anywhere Business (WSAB) update v9.0.15.43, a new agent release titled v9.0.15.50 has been deployed automatically to all of our WSAB customers on Thurs 2nd Feb 2017.

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The VPN blocked by Webroot problem prevents VPN users from making VPN connection whereby anytime they attempt to switch on their VPN service, they get halted in the process.

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