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Loverboys footage was very convincing; you could never really tell if the audience was real or staged, but my money is on the former.The ladies in attendance came in all shapes and sizes, and age groups.The porn stars acted out the CFNM action, while the real attendees in attendance were paid to watch with a shocked look on their face. The authors are still active today and produces some of the best sex party sites on the internet.Not wanting to be left behind, American producers of adult content were quick to produce CFNM content of their own.Like their counterparts in the Czech republic, Dancina Bear featured a combination of real people acting as extras, and professional porn stars performing the hardcore CFNM content.The result was quite successful, mainly because of the sites furry mascot and the fun and games feel of their content. But its something I’m happy to have experienced first hand, as its one of the most satisfying sexual experiences I have ever indulged in.Yes, there is an aspect of female domination here, but it’s not about pain or dominance.

In essence, Loverboys portrayed what seemed to be travelling male strip reviews in the mold of the movie “The Full Monty”. The female patrons of these girls night out were encouraged to to fondle the male performers when the later raised a towel in front of the goods.But don’t be fooled, not all cam girls understand the CFNM fetish.It’s not just a matter of slapping on a CFNM label and passively watching a man masturbate via webcam. A true CFNM cam girl understands that she is in control.They also included traditional porn elements such as facial cumshots, which I dislike as it takes away from the “original women in control” definition of the CFNM fetish.Another popular site called Horny also featured American CFNM party videos.

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Thinking nobody else could see, the females openly stroke the entertainers erect penises.

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