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When talking to friends and saying things like ‘happy birthday’, ‘I miss you’, or ‘xoxo’, the screen will fill itself with falling hearts, stars or smilies. One does not only connect through We Chat by matching one’s address book or adding them by them ‘ID’, but when meeting someone who you want to add to your We Chat, you can simply let them scan your own QR-code.We Chat Basic Functions: Amongst its millions of users, there are 100.000s of companies that have registered with We Chat.This is where We Chat poses a potential competitive threat to Weibo.But although We Chat might seem more private, it is also targeted by governmental campaigns. The power of the app lies its in multifunctionality- making it irresistible to social media fans, mobile users and companies. We Chat currently is China’s most popular smartphone application, and it is winning over consumers within the mobile market in other parts of the world too.How it works: one can ‘follow’ registered companies by ‘searching contacts’ and adding ‘official accounts’.Once a user is following a company, the company can send text, images, audio, video or links to its clients We Chat, who receives a notification for every update.

This opens up a world of opportunities for different activities and campaigns where companies can involve the input of customers.

To build on one’s We Chat relations, many local companies offer freebies for customers who ‘follow’ them on We Chat; for instance, there are many Chinese bars or restaurants that offer free drinks for those who become We Chat fans.

Event flyers often incorporate their Weixin QR code so fans can easily scan it to add to We Chat.

With China’s mobile user market exceeding 750 million, Weixin only has more room to grow (Wang 2014, 3).

The core function of We Chat is its messaging function: sending free messages to phone contacts that also use We Chat.

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