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It was a remarkable year for me from sort of May of 2007 until May, June, July of this year.I played April Wheeler and Hanna Schmitz and Im absolutely exhausted. But, yeah, you know I can put one foot in front of the other, sort of. To say that its been the most creatively rewarding 18 months of my life would really be an understatement. Here I am at the age of 33, and the roles Im being offered are being offered are getting more and more interesting and more and more challenging, and as an actor thats really a dream.

It was a very collaborative and professional environment.

My husband is not a jealous person in any way and he literally let Leo and I go and be Leo and I.

When we on set, I wasnt standing at the monitor massaging my husbands shoulders; I was in the corner running lines with Leo.

We also knew that because she gets older and gets saggier and kind of gets a little heavier, physically, we knew that couldnt be just be like a bit of padding under the costumes and that was a prosthetic body suit that weighed 15 to 20 pounds.

And the amazing thing for me was when I would sit down, the breasts would move; there was a belly, there were thigh pieces, there was back fat, there was a small hump here where the top of the spine starts to go, and everybody contributed to these ideas.

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You know, I was absolutely there for him; I talked him through it all, I said, Look, this is whats going to happen. You know, really just explaining those things to him, cos I think as a younger actor, knowing this just from my own very specific experiences, its the elements of the unknown about scenes like that that are way worse than the reality. *Imitates Krosss German accent* Well, I just thought it would be the whole crew.

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