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Legislating romantic interludes only drives them underground.

And, word-on-the-street says about 50 percent of all relationships begin in the workplace.

Similar-minded people of mating age are consciously being brought together in a large community.” And the general consciousness seems to be approving of workplace liaisons.And as work becomes increasingly intense and time-consuming, individuals find themselves with less leisure time for outside activities where they traditionally meet new people.In addition, women are 46 percent of the workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.What they do in there is their own business, but we’re tired of covering up for them when the boss comes looking for Sissy. — THE OFFICE GANG DEAR GANG: Next time the boss comes looking for Sissy, tell him to look in the file room under ‘Marvin.’ Says Abby in an interview with Workforce: “Office romances have occurred ever since men and women have been thrown together in the workplace.” Indeed, people haven’t changed.Their stories still run the gamut from happy long-term marriages to tearful endings and ruined careers. Employees are working longer hours in environments that encourage teamwork and familiarity.

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Most recently, a survey called [email protected] (of nearly 7,000 subscribers of America Online in its Business Know-How Forum, February 1998) revealed similar findings.

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